I’m Moving to a New Domain!

Hi friends,

It’s been quiet on this site for the past year. I have gone back and forth as to whether food blogging is something for which I should keep trying to carve out time. I have gone months without posting recipes and during those times of absence, I always deeply missed the creative outlet.

Even though I was MIA in the blogosphere, I continued cooking and baking for my family. I still found fulfillment in spreading love with food, but I discovered that I longed to snap photos and write about the dishes I created.

After much thought and consideration, I have decided to re-commit to this hobby of mine. However, I am in a much different season of life than I was when I first started Lolly’s Sweet Treats in 2011. Unlike the early days, I am now a mother living in rural Ohio. The food I make is more geared towards fast and nourishing home cooking rather than more time-intensive baked goods that require harder-to-find ingredients.

I still very much believe in made-from-scratch cooking and baking, but I am more practical than I was in those early years of blogging. I frankly don’t want to dedicate extra, precious time making puff pastry from scratch when I could be spending it outside with my family.  I am also in a position where I want to be a good role model to my children by demonstrating well-balanced eating.

As a result, I am moving to a new domain with an evolved focus on blogging about nourishing home cooking and establishing healthier habits for me and my tribe. Food blogging has evolved quite a bit since I first took it on as a hobby six years ago. Some say it is passe these days, but I disagree. Delicious recipes are timeless and food is a universal language that we can use to bridge connections. 

I am really excited about this new adventure. My goal is to make the new site much more user-friendly for mobile devices and to make it easier to read and print recipes.  I would be so grateful and honored if you follow along as I move into this next season of life at:


Thank you,


One Comment Add yours

  1. khaki says:

    well gosh darn it,”where you lead I will follow!”

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