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Twenty fourteen is off to a fast and exciting start for our family. First, our lives forever and wonderfully changed with the addition of our sweet little rump roast. We spent the first few weeks of the year in a sleep-deprived, love-drunk, terrified-first-time-parent stupor. All the while, Robert and I finalized our decision to move back to the area we grew up as Robert was presented with a great career opportunity to open a satellite office for his engineering firm. We put our house on the market and, wouldn’t you know it,  it sold within 2 weeks. We are very thankful that our house sold so quickly in the cold, snowy chill of this Ohio February; but it also solidified that this move is a reality.

I will admit that it was a very difficult decision for us to make. We’ve lived in Columbus for the past 6 years and I have grown to adore this city. My heart is full of local pride in this place where we started our careers, where we bought our first home, where we developed lifelong friendships with some amazing folks,  and where we welcomed our first child into the world. I am a sentimental sap and I can’t help but have a hard time leaving the city where we’ve lovingly planted our roots. Columbus is a thriving area with lots of culture and a strong sense of community. There are so many fun things to do and see and a good amount of delicious restaurants in which we can feast.

I’ve shed a fair amount of tears as we prepare to move on and it took me a good deal of time to embrace what our next chapter holds. It will be a big transition reintegrating into rural, small-town life. We will be closer to Robert’s family and I have some very dear friends from high school that still live in the area; and it will be very nice to reconnect with them on a regular basis. We will have more space to roam and to grow and Smith will have the opportunity to explore in the woods, get dirty, build forts, fish, and ride his bike.

Though we will be further away from some of our beloved friends and family and we will not have the access to the conveniences and luxuries of city-living, we will still be our little family of three. And, just like one of my culinary idols, Ina Garten, wrote in the beginning of one of her cookbooks: “My home is wherever Jeffrey is.” Robert and Smith are my “Jeffrey,” and wherever we are all together is what fills my heart with joy. On to the next big adventure!


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  1. kakaweewee says:

    lovely post dear girl! Millersburg is going to challenge you even more as a chef…all the taste you miss from Columbus will be recreated in your kitchen. and yes, how wonderful to raise Smith there. I’ll be visiting!

    1. Lolly says:

      You will always be welcome to visit dearest of all!

  2. JoAnn Damko says:

    Dear Laurel and Robert, Your message brought a tear to the eye (both of us). You both were so good to our grandson Nick. Laurel, you cheerfully helped him with his school project on Cerebral Palsy and Robert took the time and talent to help Nick with his Eagle Scout project. Thank you so much! You surely will be missed by all your friends and family in Columbus. Millersburg is a great place to bring up a family as you know and you are not too far from Columbus. We really enjoy seeing Smith on face book. love, Aunt Joann (Dodo) and Uncle Steve Sent from my iPad


    1. megan says:

      beautiful lolly….remember, your great grandmother marie was born in the ‘burg’! and by cracky, you were born there too….your great-great grands are buried there. …plus, smith is a 10th generation ohioan!!…and YES where your dear family is …is where your home is ..the lake will always be there for your rendezvous’ with your buddies. btw, that rice is spectacular : )

      1. Lolly says:

        Thanks mom!😊

    2. Lolly says:

      Oh thank you so much, Dodo and Steve. We really enjoyed helping Nick with his projects. We are looking forward to seeing you at the lake soon.

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