Thanksgiving Recap

This past Thanksgiving weekend, Robert and I invited our immediate families to our house for a celebratory feast. I was much more organized and less frazzled this year and we had a glorious time. I’ve discovered one of the best things about holidays is the anticipation. The shopping and food preparation, the getting spare rooms ready and the house cleaned, the getting out of work early- it all adds to the excitement. We had a total of twelve people for the meal and everything went off without much fuss. The only snafu manifested in the mashed potatoes as I made them Wednesday night and they somehow turned sour by the next morning. There was no need to stress, though, because my superhero mother-in-law swooped in to save the day (along with Robert and my dad, who valiantly peeled potatoes).

Although I wanted to scale things back this year, it didn’t happen (as my sister so lovingly pointed out). Oh well- I guess sometimes the best way to show thankfulness is by consuming extreme amounts of carbs.

Our menu included:



And here are a few snapshots from the weekend…

Early morning bird prepping. You know, manly stuff

Someday I’m hoping to have a real dining room šŸ™‚

Superstar in-laws

And, I just couldn’t go without including lots of Jack pictures…

And just like that, Thanksgiving is over and we are running full speed ahead into the Christmas season. I hope you had a chance to reflect on the good things in your life!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Selby Beers says:

    SOOOO Good. Wasn’t really “scaled back,” though like you had hoped! haha

  2. khaki says:

    next year i wanna lolly’s thanksgiving,…..i swear once your parents figure out where they’ll settle,i want to buy a condo in columbus..,spend my time between LA and Ohio,.get selby back too….these are musing of a still viral khaki ……ugh…..
    we didnt have a traditional midwest stuffing this year and i totally missed it…
    connie’s truffle looks delish…
    so odd about potatos? sour in a day?
    the turkey ,yum….brined?

    1. Lolly says:

      Oh khaki- that would be my dream cone true!!!

    2. megan says:

      what a fun time! ol tom turkey was fresh and pasture raised. we all left swearing we’d never eat again!

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