Grapefruit Brulee

Hello citrus! One of the bright spots of winter is the delicious grapefruit. I love starting my day off with this tart and tangy fruit. I usually sprinkle a little sugar on top and dig in; but when I saw the idea for grapefruit brulee in this month’s Bon Appetit magazine, I couldn’t wait to try it. Any opportunity to play with fire is just a splendid thing in my book.

All you need is a grapefruit, sugar, and a kitchen torch. Halve the grapefruit, sprinkle a little sugar on top, then melt the sugar with a kitchen torch to form a golden and crispy surface. VOILA- you have grapefruit brulee! It’s a great way to jazz up a cold winter morning.

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  1. molly oneill says:

    yes, i, too, remember our mom — your grammy — making these under the broiler but I recall she used honey, not sugar.

  2. khaki says:

    ooooo, I like it,I like !!! My mom use to do this, but she put them under the broiler( and I remember putting baout 1/2 c of sugar on them too,sigh). THis one is soo much better! I remember the first time I did this for Shahram,he thought I had lost my mind and was ready to commit me. btw,do you own grapefriut spoons?,ingenious contraption..
    let me know when you get therm,better be today!!!

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