My 26th Birthday Cake

Yesterday was my 26th birthday. On my way to work, I was thinking about my past celebrations. I used to get so excited the night before my birthday I could barely fall asleep. Now, I don’t get nearly as jazzed up for my day of birth and I am starting to feel a little, well… a little old. Twenty six. Is that still considered mid twenties? I’m saying it is, because there is no doubt that next December, I will be a woman in my late twenties. 😉

Jess, my good pal from PT school, generously made my birthday cake this year. She and her husband, Greg, dropped off the delightful treat at our house last night. Jess baked me a chocolate cake with espresso buttercream frosting and cherry filling. It was a glorious twist on a black forest cake and it was delicious. I froze the leftovers so we can stretch out the time we get to savor the dessert. Thanks so much, Jess- the cake was beautiful!

*Warning: Cheese Alert* As I reflect on another trip around the sun, I’m very grateful for the life I have. I’m surrounded by wonderful people and I have so much for which I am very thankful. My hope is that, in my 27th year, I will take each day one day at a time. I often get caught up in wishing for tomorrow, for the next vacation, to lose those x amount of pounds, for my “dream” house. The list goes on and on and before I know it, I’ve wished away the day. Life is too short to not live in the present. After all, I’ve only got a few years left before I’m officially an old lady, right? 😉

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Catie says:

    This looks amazing Laurel!

    1. Lolly says:

      Jess made it 🙂

  2. molly oneill says:

    lolly, i can’t believe you are only 26!! just look what you’ve accomplished in those few years, dr. miller!!!

    1. megan says:

      i would really like a piece right now!!!!! your dad and i had oatmeal for dessert

  3. Happy belated birthday! As we get older, birthdays take on a different meaning, but not that you are getting old! Birthdays are a time of reflection of the past year of achievements and great memories of special times with family and friends. You cannot stop time, so you may as well enjoy each moment in time!
    Your cake has that flavor combo that is near the top of my list-chocolate and cherries. You are lucky to be the recipient of that treat, very nice of Jess.

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