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  2. Hello Lolly,

    I mentioned my wilted lettuce story to my Connecticut cousin and she suggested I google looking for your site. As I child my mom made a salad called “wilted lettuce” which was one of the few green things I’d eat. Years later I experimented trying to make such a salad but to no avail. I came to the conclusion that my mom had made up the name “wilted lettuce” to get me to eat some sort of spinach salad. I mentioned my theory to my step father and brother. My theory rang so true that they both thought that I was undoubtedly right. Seeing your blog has rehabilitated my mother’s memory! :-)

    I also thoroughly enjoyed the story of your grandfather eating the salad out of a popcorn bowl. It brought back vivid memories from the 1960’s of my brother and dad eating popcorn out of such an old metal bowl. Not just any bowl…the same bowl, at the same table, sitting on the same red chairs. You see, I too am a Dadsy to Wally and Siena, your children’s third cousins!

    All the best, Bill

    • Oh, Bill. What a wonderful story. That brought tears to my eyes. Little did Grammy and your mother know that a simple salad could create such fond and warm memories. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site. I hope you are doing well and this salad tastes like that which you used to enjoy. All the best.

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